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What can WE do for YOU?

“It’s difficult,” says M.D., “to compile a black-and-white, concrete listing of those services we provide, simply because – and fortunately so – our projects, both personal and client-based, are so varied and diverse. We really do pride ourselves on individual service; that is, we provide the information, the seminars, the photography, the public relations efforts, or what-have-you that YOU want based on the look you want, the approach you want, the image you want, and on and on.”

That said, however, M & J Outdoor Communication does offer the following services. Rates do vary and in many cases are open to discussion. “Life is best based,” says M.D., “on the barter system. So let’s talk.”

Writing and editing

Regardless of the format, if the project involves the written word, we’re ready to help. From complete manuscript packages (text and photography) to hard-hitting advertorial material, we can handle the task. Need original text assembled for your new catalog? Or maybe it’s a script for a radio or television segment? Thinking about a company or organizational newsletter? Whether it’s working from scratch or editing materials that your colleagues have produced, M & J Outdoor Communications is committed to providing you and your company with the most precise and professional literary experience possible. “The English language, unfortunately, has taken a tremendously embarrassing hit during the last decade,” says M.D. “Our goal is to provide you with written materials that my English teacher Mother, Sue, would be proud to sign off on.” Rates for written materials vary greatly, so please call and we’ll talk about your individual project.


Here’s where M & J Outdoor Communications shines – photography. Supported by Julia’s 30-plus years of experience behind the viewfinder and in the processing lab, filling your request with an image that speaks 1,001 words becomes our Number One Priority. Today, Julia’s stock photo library contains close to 15,000 images…and that doesn’t include the digital vault! Would you like to see Dungeness crabbing in Washington ? How about Mt. St. Helens ? Bluebonnets in Texas ? California poppies in May? A close-up of a Sphinx moth? These and more await you within Julia’s files. Perhaps you need something specific to your project or business, a packaging photograph? Or maybe it’s an enlargement for a display or booth? Past publicity photography clients have included WOLF Ammunition , Hunter’s Specialties , Mossy Oak , and Knight & Hale Game Calls , and all have been more than pleased with Julia’s fine work. So take a look at the Photography Section here, but remember please – this is but a sample of Julia’s behind-the-scenes labors over the years. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Photography rates – stock and specific shoots – vary depending on the project, usage, etc., so please call for current or individual pricing and listings.


“I won’t deny it,” M.D. says. “I love to talk. And when the topic’s hunting, fishing, or anything outdoors…well, let’s just say brevity isn’t my strongpoint.” Since 1994, M.D. has spoken to groups from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest and everywhere in between on topics ranging from late Winter tactics for channel catfish to the pros and cons of sneak boats for today’s avid water fowler. “Waterfowl and turkey hunting are my primary focus in terms of seminars and demonstrations,” says M.D., who since 1995 has been on the roster for the O’Loughlin Trade Shows’ seminar circuit, and as such presents talks annually in Washington and Oregon . If you need a speaker to entertain and inform your group or at your event or sportsmen’s show, pick up the phone today and let’s talk.

Public Relations Campaigns

How do you want to spend your public relations dollars? What do you hope to achieve? Whom do you wish to target? Are you a young, start-up company with a great product or service but a limited budget?

Since the early 1990s, M.D. Johnson, supported by the photographic talents of his wife and partner, Julia, has provided public relations materials and efforts for a variety of companies, including ATTBAR, Inc. , makers of the AquaPod duck boat, Hunter’s Specialties , the U.S. Tobacco Company , O’Loughlin Trade Shows , and others. These projects have included the creation of text, subject specific photography, PowerPoint presentations, in-store promotions, seminars, editing, and a whole lot more. So call us. We’ll spend the time with you one-on-one to discuss your individual needs, and then work with you to develop a public relations program designed to satisfy those goals. “There’s no sense putting off ‘til tomorrow what we can do today!”